The application period for EU students will be closed on June 18 2020.
The application period for non-European students will be closed on May 11 2020.

Students apply to the university of their choice that in case of admission will be their home university.

To apply at the University of Luxembourg as home university, click here.
To apply at the Université de Lorraine as home university, click here. Non-European students have to apply via the Campus France website in their home country.
To apply at the Saarland University as home university, click here.

Important information for non-European students:

The Directive (EU) 2016/801 on the conditions of entry and residence of third-country nationals for the purpose of studies currently has to be implemented in the EU member states. Please check the latest information, e.g. about visa regulations and inscription fees, before choosing your home university.

More information for Luxembourg and the University of Luxembourg can be found here.
More information for France and the Université de Lorraine can be found here.
More information for Germany and Saarland University can be found here.

After admission students fully enrol at their home university, where they pay the enrolment fees. The partner universities offer a short enrolment procedure. Please consider the relevant deadlines.

The program starts in September. The introductory module consists of two compulsory courses that take place on weekends: the introductory seminar (September 03./04.) and the 2-day field trip (September 07./08.).