Bachelor thesis

The bachelor thesis is a written examination showing that the candidate is able to adequately describe and solve a problem on his own. The topic has to be related to the field of spatial planning and processed within a limited time and by using methods learnt during the studies.

The conduction of the bachelor thesis is usually carried out in the 6th semester. After having written the thesis, the results additionally have to be presented and discussed. The final grade for the students comprises the written component on the one hand the oral disputation on the other hand.

The master thesis can be written in single or in teamwork (max. 2 people).  Writing in teams of two students is only possible, if a clear distinction between each part can be seen and be assessed individually.

Formal requirements are described in the Bachelor examination regulations for Bachelor of Spatial Planning.

Details on writing a synopsis for the master thesis can be found here.

Guidelines of the department of International Planning Systems regarding layout and quotation can be found here.

Time allowed for completion: 12 weeks

Amount of pages: ca. 60

Achievements: Written report and disputation


The department International Planning Systems offers several subjects for theses. 

A list of overall categories and topics is given in the link above and can be found here as PDF. In case of interest, all topics can be transferred to other states than stated.

Additionally to the suggested topics, we are of course also open for self-formulated ideas and topics.

Prof. Dr. Karina M. Pallagst

Completed Bachelor Theses

Here you can find a list of already completed bachelor theses of the department International Planning Systems. For part of the theses you will also find summaries. 


Niklas Welt - February 2023

Housing in the border area of the planning region Trier and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - Cross-border territorial cooperation in the field of housing as a necessity for future challenges?

Ann-Katrin Sorg - April 2023

The importance, resilience and quality of public space in the Netherlands and Germany in comparison - Taking the example of the cities Maastricht and Trier


Marie Wiegland - June 2022

Soccer World Cups as sustainable national development method - a study of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa



Malte Zimmermann - April 2021

Sustainable urban development in Rio de Janeiro with special regard to informal settlements

Jakob Ehrcke - August 2021

Urbanization through waterways - A review of the Urbanization of Chongqing, China

Viola Mathein - November 2021

Sustainable Urban Development of the Smart City Vienna with special consideration of the Mobility Transition



Antonia Lippert– May 2020

REVITALIZATION OF BROWNFIELDS in SHRINKING CITIES examplified by the URBAN FARM in Dessau -A Green Innovation Area as a part of the BMBF project GIAGEM

Felix Unruh - May 2020

Development of suburbanization and brownfield revitalization in London using the exampel of Tolworth

Dennis Hohlfinger - June 2020

Gated communities - analysis of the secured city "Canyon Lake" (CA) in the USA

Leonie Claar - October 2020

China's Belt and Road Initiative: Weighing opportunities against the risk of dependency on infrastructure investments

Michel Modert - October 2020

The Megacity New York – A Green Innovation Area exemplified by the High Line



Benedikt Palm - August 2019

Wintersmog in Krakow - The potential contribution of urban planning to urban air purity



Libeshan Sivayogan - May 2018

Urban Farming in Detroit

Anja Seefried - May 2018

Achieving the increased use of sustainable energy through networks using the example of the city of Heidelberg 

Isabelle Zech - May 2018

Instruments and strategies for sustainable urban development and their implementation - on example of the project "Hammarby Sjöstad" in Stockholm, Sweden

Biljana Savković  - May 2018

Climate change and its impacts on Japan - Climate policy debate about adaptation and mitigation in urban development

Laura Maier  - August 2018

Urban forest - Opportunity of the redevelopment of brownfields at the example of the city of Leipzig

Mark Hendrik Hermann  - August 2018

Shrinking cities: Suburbanisation vs. Reurbanisation exemplified in the case of Oporto

Sinthusha Santhakumar - September 2018

External relations of the Greater Region Saar-Lor-Lux+

Emil Gau und Fabian Dospil  - October 2018

Earthquake-proof planning and construction in developing countries using the example of Haiti

Jan Eric Rauch  - October 2018

Sustainable Urban Development in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Jannik Lambrecht  - October 2018

Megaregions in Asia - Opportunities and challenges using the example of the Pearl River Delta