Department of Spatial- and Environmental Planning

University of the Greater Region (UniGR) - Studying with a European dimension

The RPTU is member of the cross-border registered society "University of the Greater Region" (UniGR).

As a student of the RPTU, you can register for free in one or more partner universities to participate in their lectures (and respective exams). Additionally it is possible that you gain credit points which will be acknowledged under certain preconditions at RPTU (maximum 10ECTS points per term/20 ECTS points per year).Therewith your studies at RPTU gain a European dimension without studying a whole term abroad.

The conditions of using these opportunities are explained in the UniGR-mobility guide for students. The UniGR-databank gives an overview of the study offers in the six UniGR universities. Besides, students can access the libraries (free book lending!), the canteens, linguistic courses and international events of the partner universities at any time.

Contact person

Feel free to contact:

Dr. Matthias Lahr-Kurten
UniGR-referent of the RPTU
Tel. 0631/205-4353


Master Border Studies

From the winter semester 2017/2018, the University of the Greater Region will also offer a Master "Border Studies". The Master is a joint international course of study over two years, dealing with the complexity of economic, political, social and cultural issues of borders and border regions in Europe and around the world. More informations about the course of study can be found on the hompage of the University of the Greater Region.

Besides RPTU there are five member universities of the "University of the Greater Region":

France, Luxemburg, Belgium

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